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Introduce SUMS Application to increase the efficiencies and enhance the transparency School Management.

Increase Efficiencies to Focus on Education

SUMS Application automates every feature and functionality to cater to the daily needs of a School, College, University or any educational institute. It makes communication faster, cuts down paperwork and digitizes all the data. It creates an integrated network between the parents, students and staff, which helps you run your institute effectively.

Catering To Everyone’s Needs!

SUMS Application has extensive modules to cater to the needs of students, teachers, administrative staff and parents. From the very first step of getting an admission or getting hired to managing every other functionality further forward, SUMS Application covers it all.

Bus Tracking

Administrative staff can track the location of all the buses, also bringing a rest to parent’s worry of their child’s whereabouts.

Attendance Report

Student’s attendance percentage in every class can be viewed at any point of time by the teachers, parents and the students.


Overall attendance report helps the administrative staff and the parents to keep a track of the attendance of the teachers and the students.


Secure all the glorious moments of the annual days and other school events in the SUMS Application gallery, accessible to the students, parents and staff from anywhere.


Through automated features like marks calculation, the exam results are generated and published on SUMS Application, making the process extremely time efficient and hassle-free.


Want to inform an unexpected holiday or send out an important notice to the parents? Float e-circulars on SUMS Application and reach out to them in a matter of second.


Publishing the exam results or inviting parents for a celebration at school? All the live updates and news can be published on SUMS Application, keeping everyone well-informed.


Immediate communication with all the parents or staff for events like close down of school is made possible by sending out instant notifications through SUMS Application.


This feature enables you to plan your entire year effectively as it provides the list of all the upcoming activities such as exam dates, holidays or event dates for the complete year.

Fees Report

Get an overview of the payment status of all the students at a glance. Fees report provides insights such as the number of confirmed admissions, the overall cash in-flow and the revenue generated from it.

Admission Report

Reduce the hassle and pressure during the admission season. SUMS Application cuts down on the long waiting period and paperwork, and secures the entire data in one consolidated platform.

Leave Management

Administrative staff can keep a constant track of the leaves taken by students and teachers, making leave management easy and ensuring correct staff utilization.

Student Report

Student’s don’t have to struggle for information such as their timetables, class allotment or exam datesheets. Everything is available in a single click in the form of Students report.


Get the access to all the assignments, work sheets, notes, study material or other project details on one platform


Keep staff and student information in one central area, and always refer back to their profiles when in need.

Central Dashboard
To Stay On Top

The central dashboard gives any institutional management board key insights on:

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