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But Why Sums Application, You Ask?

SUMS Application is a consolidated platform which provides a single point of access to all the information. It establishes a strong backbone for data security and automates every activity happening in an institute. It’s versatility enables you to customize it as per your requirement and budget.


Instant Communication

Give and receive instant communication between parents, students and teachers.

Increase Transparencies

Faster communication through SUMS Application brings immense efficiency and transparency in all the academic functionalities.

Secure Data

Be in control of all your data with SUMS Application as it builds a strong backbone for data security avoiding data loss and leaks.


Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

With it’s remarkable flexibility and interoperability, SUMS Application can be downloaded on any device, and accessed from anywhere.

Affordable prices

Customize SUMS Application based on your institute’s requirement without burning a hole in your pocket!

Efficient Time Management

A digital platform making time management more efficient than ever, reducing time lapse due to endless paperwork.

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